Crystal Dunn

U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Member

"I wish I had AT PEAK when I was growing up..."


"...with soccer-specific workouts and skills development..."


"...which help teams avoid injury and play better..."


"...and win more games and tournaments."

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We are proud to offer AT PEAK Soccer for $9.99 per athlete in leagues which have a partnerships with AT PEAK Sports for the Spring 2017 season, a 33% discount off the normal $14.95 price. You will receive foundational workouts, skills development and challenges.

Exercise Videos

Professionally-shot videos show proper form and technique.

Guided Workouts

Strength and conditioning workouts to reduce sports injuries up to 50%.

Social Competitions

Leaderboards help show team dedication to training with the app.


Train to perform like elite soccer athletes.


Condition players for the rigors of soccer; strong players can win more games.


Give your athlete a competitive advantage, and the edge to avoid injuries.


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happy customer

"My team came out of a tourney with no injuries. Thank you, AT PEAK!"

- GU14 Coach 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"With AT PEAK, I have definitely noted improvements in my flexibility and balance."

- GU17 Player 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"I love that my son’s club uses AT PEAK to reduce injuries. And it’s digital, so I know he’ll use it!"

- BU14 Parent 5/5 Stars!


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We are proud to offer AT PEAK Soccer for $9.99 per athlete in leagues which have a partnerships with AT PEAK Sports. This is a 33% discount off the regular $14.95 per athlete subscription price. Coaches and Parents may register for and use the app for NO COST.
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